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Dogs Done Right Training Dates for Community Class 2018

How Community class works.

It has always been in my heart to offer times of gathering with fellow dog lovers. A time to train our dogs , talk about our dogs, and be with our dogs. I know there are many people who feel likewise. So I am out there committing those hours to my dogs. And I welcome all who want to join me. I will share my knowledge of training but also look forward to learning from each other as well. It is a very relaxed atmosphere of dog time, with training.

Classes require no sign up, they function as an open house, people are free to arrive or depart anytime during the 2 hours. Some come once a month, that is fine. I encourage all to come when they can, no guilt when they cannot. We work towards CGC titles all summer in class. If your dog has acheived a CGC tiltle already we work toward off leash control.

We encourage you to bring a toy or treats for training. But the ultimate goal is for your relationship with your dog to grow. Relationship reward is what every dog wants and I can help you find the balance with your dog.

Community class is a discounted rate of $5 per 2 session. All 4-H members, and owners of Dogs Done Right puppies of all ages participate free. I offer this opportunity for the community because I want to help people before the dogs are relinquished to shelters. I have a heart to help people so their dogs can stay in their homes. To prevent the rescue and shelter situations before they happen. All are welcome!

Please make sure you come to class with your dog able to be controlled. When you arrive walk the field with your dog and keep your dog away from other dogs and people until class begins. If you feel your dog can over power you and your leash control please talk to me ahead of time and we can discuss your options for better control before you arrive for class.

Class begins Sunday June 3, 2018

We will be meeting every Sunday

Sundays 3-5pm Eastern Time

Proof of full vaccinations is required prior to class.

Please be considerate and see that your dog has flea and tick topical on or is flea free prior to class. I offer these classes free or at the discounted rate of $5 per session for the betterment of our canine community and need everyone to be responsible in this area for the sake of my facility.

Training is outside in the front field so dress appropriately. Water is available for the dogs. Feel free to bring water or a drink for yourself, it can get hot. Please bring poop bags to clean up after your dog. If there is a weather watch or warning the training will be canceled. The first time you come please give me your cell phone info and I can add you to the cancellation text in case of bad weather.

Dates we will NOT meet:

June 17 Father's Day weekend

July 8  4th of July weekend

September 2 Labor Day weekend 

Last Class will be held on Sunday, September 30, 3-5pm

Hope to see you there.


Torri Kollar